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Creating a SATA WinXP CD


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I'm trying to use nLite to create a Windows XP bootable CD to do a new install. I've been able to create an ISO with WinXP SP3 on it and the applicable SATA Intel drivers. I've even copied it to a CD-RW. I'm VERY new at this, so forgive my ignorance. The ISO file will not auto-run. So, I searched the net and found a program that will burn the ISO to the CD. The program appears to be that when it goes to write to the CD -- the files are too large for a CD.

I've read in numerous places, while trying to get this to work, that nLite is the way to go to create a bootable XP CD for SATA. But for the life of me, can't get this to go.

The computers I want to use this on will have clean HDs. No floppy drives.

I'd love to get it to work with XP SP3 in unattended mode. I've even downloaded the SP3 exe file.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong ?

Please help.


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NLite is the way to go. First, copy all the files from your XP CD to a folder on your hard drive (I usually call it XP). Then when you run nLite, point to the XP folder. Once you have nLite installed, it is so easy to use, you almost won't need any instructions.

The one thing I tripped up on the first time I used it was I wasn't selecting components, so it skipped right past them. Here's where to select components:


Also, you need to burn the ISO file correctly. The easiest way to do that is with ISOBurner. http://www.ntfs.com/iso_burner_free.htm

And another thing, to get the disc to autorun while booting up, you have to make sure that the CDROM is the first boot device in your BIOS.

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