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Windows Search Setup & SVCPACK.INF


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I am trying to install Windows Search (WindowsSearch-KB940157-XP-x86-ENU.exe) from SVCPACK.INF during Windows XP SP3 installation. The unattended command line, WindowsSearch-KB940157-XP-x86-ENU.exe /Q /NoRestart, works fine in an up and running XP installation. From SVCPACK.INF, the command silently fails: no error message and Windows Search NOT installed. The log file, KB940157, reads as such:

00:00.000: =======================================================================
00:00.070: INFO: Opening log for preliminary WDSSetup.exe actions
00:00.070: Started: 2008/10/14 (Y/M/D) 01:00:00.000 (local)
00:00.080: Command line: /Q /NoRestart
00:00.090: INFO: Closing down log for WDSSetup.exe logging

When run from SVCPACK.INF with no installation switches, in order to elicit an attended install of Windows Search during XP installation, an error message box appears with the text "Setup has failed. Make sure Terminal Services are enabled before re-running setup." Indeed, Terminal Services is not yet started, and the installation fails, by design.

My question is, has anybody succesfully installed Windows Search during XP installation, preferably using SVCPACK.INF? Or does anyone have any suggestions how to either start the service (No, NET START TERMSERVICES does not work ...), or fool WDSSetup.exe into installing anyway?

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Firstly, I'm guessing it was a typo, Net start TermServices.

If Net.exe doesn't work and Sc.exe only utilizes WMI, which isn't available at T13, (also meaning a WMI vbscript is out), then I suppose you could try a vbscript using ADSI. You will also need to bear in mind that the Terminal Services service also relies on Remote Procedure Call meaning that you'd probably need to start that too! If that works carry it as a 3rd party utility compiled to an exe.

The only other thing I could suggest other than adding utilities is to install Windows Search later in the setup, probably from RunOnce or similar.

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Typo indeed. TermService was intended. In any event the NET STOP/START commands are invalid for this service, even on an up and running XP.

Obviously, i would prefer not to start a bunch of services. I was hoping for a little registry entry that either instructed the program to install anyway, or fooled it into thinking all the prerequisites had been met.

Installing after the final reboot is a valid solution, but right now my efforts are concentrated on doing it from SVCPACK.INF.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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