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Vista Re-install


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Hi All

I am contemplating formatting and reinstalling Vista clean

Trouble is that I dont have all the drivers, as the PC I have was installed with Windows XP.

Nvdia - Found updated version

Realtek sound - same found updated version

Intel ViiV - found version 1.7.1

TV card - found updated version

unable to find

HP Wireless lan

intel onboard netwoek card

Matrix storage manager

will vista have these drivers already, and should i really bother in trying to gegt thm, thinking just install and run windows update?

What do u advise

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Go to the UK HP Web site (before you do the re-install) and put your Model number in and then download what drivers you are missing. If you have an internet connection while you are doing the Install, Vista will go and find most drivers (certainly enough to get started) and you can then install specific MoBo drivers etc. afterwards. Don't have any peripherals like printers, cameras etc plugged in for the new install, do them one at a time when all is running OK.

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all went well, have an updated clean version now

just one last thing

i am using nero i have downloaded version update

but found a lite version

which is the best to load onto vista

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The Lite version will be the Free version that came originally with the machine (my guess) and that will work OK with Vista and I suspect all you need. The other version is liable to be the full retail, version and will ask you to pay for it after a short while. If your needs are for a full version of Nero, then I believe there is a v8.xx out, so buy that.

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