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Install XP only from XP MCE disks?

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Two questions really:

I bought MCE but decided I hate Windows Media Center. Can I just install XP Pro without Media Center (I plan on using Media Portal)?

If I wanted to build a slipstream disk would I use the instructions from the XP forum, or are there additional steps since I'm using MCE disks?



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You could just install MCE anyway, and then disable the following services:

- Media Center Extender Service

- Media Center Receiver Service

- Media Center Scheduler Service

Then it will be the same as regular XP Pro. Just don't open Media Center.

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I disabled the services, I think only 1 or 2 were active, and I have never opened Media Center, but I would prefer to never even install that part of the OS.

My version has 3 disks; the install routine is disk 1, disk 2, back to 1, then disk 3 which supposedly installs all the Media Center components. Has anyone with this version tried skipping disk 3? Does that leave you with a fully functional XP Pro? My suspicion is that Microsoft would break such a simple solution, but I would love to hear from anyone that has tried, either successful or not.



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I believe Disk 1 is standard XP installation and disk 2 is what contains the MCE components. Disk 3 is probably Update Rollup 2 to MCE2005.

You could try going through an install, an when it asks for disk 2, just choose cancel. It may continue installation as XP Pro, or fail to install.

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Unfortunately, you have no choice. Your key determines if the installer asks for the 2nd disk or not. That means using a XP Pro key would install XP Pro only, however that would would be a violation of the End User Licence Agreement for the MCE 2005 version that you purchased. Also, MCE does not support downgrade rights to XP Pro to my knowledge, anyway. So, legally :whistle: , you are are quite shagged! :no:

The only option is to go with my 1st post, i think, or buy XP Pro if you HAVE to have it.

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Windows XP Media Ceneter Edition and Windows XP Professional are almost the same product, differering only in the labeling of the product.

The installation media meant for Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Media Center Edition differ, however.

This I believe (but have not verified) is also true of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

An installation disc intended for Windows XP Professional may be used to install Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Also, if using the Windows XP Media Center Edition discs to install Windows XP Media Center Edition, only installing the first disc will install without media Center components.

Installation media should be of OEM type.

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