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nLite + SP3 + IE7 Oddness


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So I go through the install and everything works normally, and when I get to the desktop (Administrator), the IE shortcut has a busted icon.

Double clicking the icon copies the shortcut (to the desktop), instead of opening IE.

I can run IE manually (iexplore), but the damned thing says "Internet explorer cannot find..." for everything.

Network is fine.

Installed FireFox, it's fine.

Installing IE7 manually seems to have fixed it.

Has anyone seen this before?

Not a huge issues, but I would like to fix it and remake my disc...

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A few of us have experienced this also.

For me, this happened when I tied to use nLite to remove "Help and Support" from the CD. That selection also removed IE components unfortunately.

Read more at this earlier post:

Internet Explorer Inappropriately Removed

If anyone else out there has successfully removed "Help and Support" without affecting IE, I'd be interested in knowing your build steps.



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