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MS-IME2002 problem / language bar problem on XP64


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I have a problem with the language bar, or more likely with the japanese input system. I'm on XP64 SP2.

I Nlited away all from the Keyboards-section except japanese, english and finnish keyboard (being Finnish myself). I also accidentally removed the "Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard)" entry since I did not know it was needed for writing japanese characters. (Although I am assuming this is the only one I am missing for it to function).

-!- Instant edit: I also have removed any other language support other than english, japanese and finnish in the Language-section

-!- ATTENTION: Before somebody asks or says it, I DO have the "support for East Asian languages" installed. Even reinstalled from the ORIGINAL cd (XP64 with SP1, a legit copy, naturally unedited in any way)

There is a guide HERE for installing the japanese inputs, that I used and for those who might be interested.

The thing is I can find the IME standard and Natural Input in the keyboards entry as seen in this picture:


BUT, even after following the directions I still end up with this:


Only Finnish and English, as you can see. Will not show Japanese in it, whatever I do.

The last session.ini I used for the it:


The questions are:

1. How could I install the "Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard)" MANUALLY, what files are needed and where? Where are they installed in a normal install?

2. What parts does Nlite remove when I select the "Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard)" for removal, so I could trace if I am missing some files, or am I even missing some functionality that I don't know about that is needed for this?

Is there ANYTHING I could do about making my XP64 to write japanese characters without reinstalling the whole system? My closest guess is that it just needs some missing file(s) somewhere to work, but I'm afraid it might need to register something and can't be installed after the OS. I want this to work quite bad, so any help on the topic is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks jmbattle for your answer! Did not know that it was also required, but never the less, I have not removed it.

A selfbump, could anyone have even a tiny bit of info to get me forward on this?

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