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help on a few speed bums on my unattended install

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hi everyone i need some guidance please

we are having a few thing happen during install that i don;t understand

1st issues

windows media player "system restore message"

we have integrated service pack 3 with the main install we are getting the message saying system restore is turned off however i have put the system restore command in to the winnt.sif


MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12

RestorePointLife = 30

2nd Issue

Windows live messenger

will not install

how i built the package

1.extracted the MSI file

2.rared it

2. created sfx file with this command structure



setup=c:\tmp\messenger.msi /QN


used nlite add-on maker to create the cab file

added like i have for 25 other programs and the files will extract but will not istall

after install have dir c:\tmp\Messenger.msi

can this be installed via a run once commanded

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