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Want to add a "hotspot" to company network


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Here is our current setup: Linksys Modem --> Linksys WRT54GL (Tomato firmware) --> D-LINK DES-1024D where all our wired computers in the company connect to (about 18 or so). The WRT54GL also has wireless enabled and we are using WAP AES for security.

At the moment we are sharing folders within the company through Microsoft sharing (simple file sharing and the like). I am going to be install a Linux fileserver in the next week or so though. (Please don't laugh :D).

The wireless wasn't encrypted before and the transport trucks used to go on it while waiting for their trailers to be loaded. Since we added security, they can't and have asked if we could open it up again.

If don't mind sharing the internet with them, but as a result, they do get access to the network. I was thinking perhaps I could leave the encryption on (keeps my bosses wireless encrypted), but give out the password to the truckers and in the Tomato settings, turn AP Isolation on. The other idea would be to buy another Linksys WRT54GL router and connect it to the D-LINK DES-1024D switch and turn off the encryption, turn AP isolation on and disable the WAN (in the basic network settings)?

Any opinions.


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Well, if you are unable to acquire a piece of hardware not also acting as the core router for the company, you could do any of the above. However, if you could acquire a bit more equipment (like a switch that can create a VLAN, and another AP) you could just put the new WAP on a VLAN, or firewall it from the rest of the network (put it in a DMZ network).

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