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Bypassing password at logon


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Vista just started requiring a user password at logon. Has never done that before. I typed in my generic pw. Fortunately it worked and I got to the desktop. How do you bypass logon at startup? Can't find the option switch anywhere, just an option to not use a pw once logged into Vista. Thanks.

Best, Paul

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I believe it's in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

of registry. I can't remember exact key that needs to be added although I have a machine set up at home with autologon. will look at my home computer if you need this info.

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1) Go to Start, then Select the “Control Panel”

2) Select the “User Accounts and Family Safety”

3) Select the “User Accounts” option

4) The top portion “Make changes to your user account”, select “Remove your Password”

5) Now you will need to enter your current password

6) Select “Remove Password” to confirm

7) You can now close the User Accounts window

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type "netplwiz" into the run window to open users' account setup dialogue. uncheck the box "if u wanna use this computer ,u should enter account and password"(some words means that maybe :sneaky: ) and apply. then the sys will ask u to enter default user's account and the password.it will auto-login after u reboot ur computer

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