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Vista won't delete user accounts


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For some reason the guest account has become the administrator, and when I go to the user accounts part of the control panel, all of the other accounts show up as standard users.

When I try to change them, it asks me to log in as an admin and puts "guest" in as the username. I click "ok" and it seems to authenticate so I change the user that I am on (not guest) to an administrator but when I exit the control panel and reopen it my account is no longer an administrator account.

Also, when I delete accounts (I have 4 accounts including the guest and I only want one), it acts like they are being deleted but they don't actually delete. When I log in as "guest" and try to control the users from there, I run into the same problems.

Anyone know how I can get Vista to delete accounts on the computer and change standard accounts to administrator accounts?


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The way you could do that is to Right click on my computer and go to manage, and select local users and groups. If you expand that option and select users this will give you the console to edit users. However you wont be able to delete administrator or guest i sugest you simply rename the accounts

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