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[HTML] Decimal places in Input Text Box

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I am working on a website and I have a mortgage calculator.

I want to limit the number of decimal places in the output, is that possible?

(so instead of displaying "1234.56789" it will display "1234.57")


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Ok adding ".toFixed(2)" works in Internet Explorer, but now firefox just doesn't display the result. Any ideas?

Sounds like you're trying to use the toFixed method on a var containing a string (even though it contains numbers), and that will throw an error instead of work, specifically "yourvarnamehere.toFixed is not a function". So try to convert the contents of the variable you fill from the inputbox to a number first (many simple ways to do that, including Number() or subtracting 0 from it).

A quick and dirty example of that (including the 2 quick & simple methods I just mentioned):

<script type="text/javascript">
var somestring = prompt("Enter a number","12.34567890")
var test1 = Number(somestring)
var test2 = somestring - 0
alert ("The number is: " + test1.toFixed(2) + " or " + test2.toFixed(2))

If you're using Firefox, you might as well take advantage of the far superior web dev tools, like the web developer toolbar, the javascript debugger, firebug and all those.

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