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Trying to vlite vista business for my laptop


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MODS: If this is in the wrong section I apologize.

Hey Guys,

I need some help with vlite. I need to make vista business work on my laptop, but everytime I tried to vlite it myself I messed up and got error messgaes which cancelled the install. I need to remove the bloat from vista and slipstream sp1 to make it function at a decent speed on my laptop without messing things up. I tried using the non-vlited version of vista, but It was very slow and took up too much hard drive space. I will need to keep the smartcard functionality for my usb smart card reader and I need windows update to work so I can install the latest updates.

Here are the specs of my laptop:

Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz Processor

512 MB Ram (Wont't go any higher)

Toshiba 30 GB Hard Drive

ATI Mobility M6 Graphics Adapter (will work with vista)

CD-ROM (for now)

I ran the upgrade advisor and it said that the business version is the one that I needed so I know my laptop can run vista. I've seen "lite" version of vista business online which could fit on one cd which is what I'm looking for, but I don't want to use hacked/jacked/cracked software when I can use my original disc and do it myself. Can anyone help me remove the things I don't need so I can get the best performance on my laptop?

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