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Install XP OEM into Virtualbox preactivated? Is it possible?

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I am testing with Virtualbox v1.64 and I wanted to install a virtual machine using Dell Windows XP Pro OEM original CD.

After installation I get the message "30 days left for activation".

My physical PC is Compaq Presario running XP Pro SP3.

I downloaded OEMBIOS and from inside the virtual machine it reports it found Gateway BIOS and replaces the oembios files that I downloaded from oembios.net. I tried the 2 Gateway sets available over there. I also forced copy of Compaq files.

I am newbie so I must be doing something wrong.

Do I still need to make more changes like creating new installation CD or getting special key?

TIA for your help.

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I think the only way this is going to be legit is if you transfer the compaq xp licence to the virtual machine, and run some other OS as the host, assuming the compaq came with an oem xp licence.

VMware has a setting which can allow preactivation, but I don't know about virtualbox.

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I've been looking on how to do that for VirtualBox and had no idea it was so trivial.

The poster of the information was really blunt. You insert that into the virtual machine's xml file (while VirtualBox is closed) and is formatted like so:


<ExtraDataItem name="VBoxInternal/Devices/pcbios/0/Config/DmiBIOSVendor" value="Hewlett-Packard"/>


There might already be a <ExtraData> section, so insert only the ExtraDataItem there. It's at the top. If you're unsure where the property file is, look in your VirtualBox preferences. My laptop's DmiBIOSVendor is "Hewlett-Packard", Dell might just be "Dell" or "Dell, Inc", I don't really know.

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