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error code when selecting version of vista 64


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I've got the X86 wim filter in the X86 program files Vlite folder, I've right clicked on the X86 file to install the driver. Vlite fires up fine, sees my files on the desktop that I copied from the dvd and then when I click ultimate, I get the mounting image error

-code: -2147024894

It asks to restart which I've done twice.

What am I doing wrong? search function yielded nothing

Edit: I'm running vista 64 to do all this.

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I am having the same problem as the original poster. I have tried to delete the wimfltr.sys file but after re-installing I get the same error message.

In addition using /unwim causes 2 messages to appear, one says "Installation Failed" and then "WIM Filter Uninstalled".

I am trying to make an x86 image using an x64 host... could this be the problem?

Would be very grateful for any help! Many thanks.

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Hello all.

I had the same problem as FastRedPonyCar

Solved it this way :

Installed the standalone x64 from ImageX 6001.18000 (x86 and x64 for Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1) Standalone Download

I downloaded also the x86 version

When finished installing the x64 version just replace the wimgapi.dll with the wimgapi.dll from the x86 archiv.

All this in the vlite folder ofcourse :P

Worked fine :)

Al the Pal

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