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Word 2007 shows some images as a black box

Professor Frink

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We have some Word documents created in an older version, and the image files are apearing in Word 2007 as a black box. I attached screenshots of both -- the first is Word 2002, and the other is Word 2007. As you can see, the picture file in the header is fine, but the other image is screwy. And that screenshot with the black box is exactly as it looks. Weird, huh? :blink:

I asked around the office, but no one remembers who created this template or when, so I don't know what the original source image was (if that even matters).

A few things I've tried already:

  • I've tried changing all sorts of settings within Word 2007 and also the settings of the picture, but there's no change.
  • I read somewhere online that it might be related to the "Save as PDF" add-in, so I did a new install without the add-in -- no change.
  • I tried doing a bare-bones install of Office 2007 without SP1 or any hotfixes -- no change.
  • I found KB article # 937496 that included a Hotfix which is supposed to be a part of SP1. I did a plain install with no patches, then added that single Hotfix -- no change.
  • I tried converting the "doc" file to a "docx" file -- no change.

I'm at my wit's end. :wacko:



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