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Users' home folders sometimes don't work in AD


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For all of my users, I use Active Directory to map their home folders, under the "Profile" tab in the user's properties. But every once in a while the folder doesn't map correctly.

The local file path to the home folders as they reside on the server looks like this:


(The "Home" folder is set as shared, and each username has their own folder).

Let's say the username is jsmith. The path to their H: drive would look like this in their Active Directory properties, under the Profile tab:

\\server name\home\jsmith

Every once in a while, when a user logs on, their H: drive doesn't map correctly. But oddly enough, whatever the problem is, it's not simply causing the H: drive to not connect -- it drops down one folder. So whenever this happens, his H: drive would show up like this:

\\server name\home

So whenever this happens, the user's H: drive is showing all of the other users' folders (w/o access, of course, due to security settings). Usually a reboot of the PC will fix the problem, but what causes it in the first place?

A few FYI's:

  • The data servers are 2003, SP1
  • I can't use logon scripts, so this is how I have to map everyone's home folder
  • I don't control the DNS servers or Domain Controllers, I'm just one piece of a much larger org.

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