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Some experiences and inexperience discussion

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Hello again!

Im confusing with the whole Unattended XP process, some of good experiences i have and some little issues i like to share and discuss.

First of all, thank you very much nLite and Ryan.

I usually integrate fresh XP with nlite before and now.... Suddently the SP3 cause me alot of trouble so i went back to SP2 with latest hotfixes, it still running good as i always love it especially + sum regtweaks. However, today i am trying to start a new project again with nlite and integrate newest hotfixes for XPSP2. I dont know what is wrong, some hotfix is not installed, but nlite still integrated them without an errors and some of addons (applications) are not installed neither but nlite also integrated them fine. This is my first time problem, hope to get some help...

By the way, then i start a new project from scatch again... at this time i first integrated all the hotfixes with nlite (nothing else) then i use RyanVM integrator 1.53 for all my addons such as: (+ IE7 + dotNETFX + DX9aug08 + WMP11 ...ect) I tested it, it works good and nothing missing.

I now continue using nlite for the next step integrate all the hotfixes for IE7 + .NETFX + WMP11.... or whatever optional hotfix i want to... I AM GOOD, the best result after install it on VirtualBOX , no errors at all ... checking windowsupdate nothing FOUND accept SP3 (i ignored it)

so... what do you think? :rolleyes:


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