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does a windows 3.1 cd rom driver exist? or are they all dos drivers ba


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Your question's version isn't supported by this forum. :P

Now, seriously:


Quote: "Windows does not have any special device drivers or .INI file settings that it requires for CD-ROM drives."

They are DOS based.

Here are a couple DVD-ROM DOS drivers:


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Hi win 3.3 user:

You need to set up the CD drive in msdos first. I have been using the Oak Technology CD driver that you can find on any win 95, 98 or me emergency boot floppy. Just copy and Paste the code from the boot floppy to your config.sys file. Works great for any CD or DVD drive. I have used it on countless drives more then ten years now and it always boots the drive. Can read, but not write - I know of no burner software for win 3.1

best regards,


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