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nLite command line switch for direct burn


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I'm sure I'll slap myself the instant I see what I'm doing wrong, because it has to just be something minor missing.

I'm trying to automate the process of dumping the previously used build directory, replacing it, and then running nLite from the command line pointing to the ini files I need. - the hopfull end result is a burned disc ready to go.

I'm using:

@start "" "C:\Program Files\nLite\nLite.exe" /preset:"C:\Program Files\nLite\Presets\soco_xp" /path:"C:\nlite\output" /burnlog

nLite loads, does its thing, but then exits without creating an ISO or burning to the blank DVDR in the drive. And because it doesn't even try to burn, the burnlog is never created.

I'm guessing either I am missing a switch in the command line, or a line in the preset.ini file that tells it to direct burn. In the ini file I have:


Unattended Setup

Integrate Drivers

Hotfixes and Update Packs


Create a Bootable ISO


I've tried adding "Direct Burn" and "Burn" to the list, no effect.

Anyone know what I'm missing?

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