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Best way to install new nForce motherboard drivers


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Well the nforce drivers are usually a driver bundle with mobo, network, raid drivers in there. So since I installed the OS on my system on Jan 1st, I used the latest and greatest nforce drivers at that time and I slipstreamed the nvidia raid drivers in there so that everything would run smoothly.

I now notice that a driver update got released in MArch of this year and was considering installing that. My question is do I need to uninstall the nvidia drivers and then reboot and try to install the newer drivers? If I do that would not that uninstall the raid drivers as well and thus make it nearly impossible for me to get back into Windows?

Is it also possible to just run the new driver installer and it will overwrite the existing drivers? Anyone have any knowledge on this and care to share?

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Go to Guru3d.com and download Driver Cleaner, uninstall the current drivers, boot into safe mode, run Driver Cleaner, reboot into normal and install the new drivers.

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