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Next Release date?


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I can't believe this thread, I actually thought there was another page, but OP only put "Thanks" as message and "Next release date?" as subject, it is just ridiculous. Why can't people let nuhi develop in his own pace, this is a one man show for all I know and he surely can not be coding full time on a free application he provides for us to use and enjoy (for free!). If I was nuhi I would delay release 1 week for every thread about when the next release is, but he is not a cranky bastard like me, be happy for that, and be happy this tool is free and someone is putting a lot of their free time in this project. Maybe if you donate 1 million quid you have some right of asking but since you didn't I suggest in a friendly but firm manner to shut it and stop asking for release dates (this goes for everybody opening a topic or posting to ask).


PS: Mods feel free to use the ban hammer on people with <5 posts whining about releases nobody will miss them ;)

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