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Problems Using Windows Pe

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Hello everybody.

At my workplace we use Windows PE, Windows RIS server and Symatec Ghost to install Windows XP on all of our workstations. The RIS servers pushes the PE image, and PE maps some network drives, we do some preconfiguration, and then Ghost starts to put an Windows XP image on the harddrive.

But I've discovered an odd problem. The PE image suddenly freezes. This happens after the NIC's are installed, and it doesn't matter if the preconfigurations-scripts or Ghost has started. When I start taskmanager I can see that the system takes about 100% of the CPU, and after a few seconds the workstation freeze. This happends not all the time, but sometimes. And it happends on all different machinemodels we have here at my workplace, Dell, Compaq and so on. I'm not sure. If the machine has been off for a time (and the dhcp lease is deleted on the dhcp-server) it's more likely that the installation will succed.

I have tried to find out what triggers the CPU use, but I have not managed to find out yet. And the problem seems only to happend when I'm on a subnet with a UNIX/Linux DHCP server, and not on a subnet with Windows DHCP server.

Has anyone encournted problems like this, or has anyone any tips to solve this kind of problems?

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