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Strange remote behaviour after SP3 when using MS Update


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I'm puzzled and I can't find the cause, so please bear with me if you can help.


Machine with XP SP3 to another machine with XP SP3, using Remote Desktop Connection v.6.1 (the one that is installed/"upgraded" by Service Pack 3).


When trying to use Microsoft Update on a remote machine non-Admin remote user (but with admin priviledges) is disconnected and cannot reconnect until reboot or loging on locally on such machine:



(if I allow remote logon for Administrator on the machine, and use then Administrator acct to login remotely - everything is fine, and I can use Microsoft Update without any problem)

/edit end/

Everything was fine until SP3 installation on all XP machines (when all machines were using previous version of Remote Desktop, v.5.1)

I must add that all machines have termsrv.dll v.5.1.2600.5512 (from SP3) manually replaced with the older v.5.1.2600.2180 (the one from beta SP2, because it is allowing concurrent remote connection without logging off current local user as it happens with all newer versions of this dll), thus at first I thought that's where the problem is.

But replacing back the dll to the 'original' SP3 version didn't help either (unless there is some buried deep registry setting I have missed?), so I suspect the problem is with/within this newer "Vista-ready" Remote Desktop 6.1 that came with SP3.

Other than that I have no idea what else can cause such behaviour? It happens the same on all six XP SP3 machines.

Any ideas?

Anyone else experienced same problem?

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