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Hey guys!

I apologize in advance if advertising is not permitted on these forums, but I hope you see the potential of the site I'm about to show you (this is not my own website, don't worry).

The EncyClanPedia is a massive project founded by the people behind Total Gaming Network.

It's a combined gaming- and clanwiki with tons of great features. If you have a clan - post it up and get visitors and interested people! If you're just looking for information on a broad variety of topics within gaming and computing, browse through the massive amount of topics covered inside.

Maybe the most thrilling part of the ECP experience is the Call of Duty 4 Database! This is a cooperation between a host of contributors and is a giant database full of information about COD4. Things included are a Weapon Database, a Map Database, a Challenge Database, a Weapon Comparison and tons of other great additions!

So yeah, visit ECP today and discover the wonderful tidbits of this project :) !

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