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Scaling prints in Excel XP


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I'm having some difficulty forcing a spreadsheet to cooperate with how one of our users needs it to print. There's an extraneous column containing pricing info for a retailer she doesn't work with and she wants to exclude it from the print, scaling the remaining portion of the document up to fill the space left by the final column's removal.

However, when I set a print area that excludes this unnecessary rightmost column, the remainder of the spreadsheet is not scaled up (using "Fit To" 1 wide, 5 tall). Instead, there's white space on the right side of the page that's exactly as wide as the unwanted column in prints that do contain it.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the column and also scale up the remainder of the document to fill the page? It appears that deleting it won't work as there are merged cells in some rows that run across it. Can these be unmerged? Also, there's a dark outline that I presume is a table or group or some such meta-structure that is present in part of the column. Is there a way to get rid of that?

Thanks very much.

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