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BSOD When starting in Safe mode and Regular start...


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A co-worker was trying to update the video drivers for the video card on one of our work computers. However when he downloaded the video driver he did not make sure it was the one designed for that card/OS. He says he picked the one that was newer then the version of his current driver.

After he tried installing the video driver the result was worse then he previous driver so he installed something (and said he switched to VGA mode).

Now when he attempts to enter windows he receives a BSOD and the computer restarts. I have attempted safe mode and even attempted a repair (Windows 2000 Pro SP4 disk) without any luck. When it goes to restart the setup after it has copied files it still gets the same BSOD and restart.

I assumed that he just messed with some of the windows files and a repair would at least fix that issue with him having to update the system (well most likely me...).

I have no experience with these kind of issues and help on this would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to have a simple fix to this that did not require a reinstall. (If I have to he will just get an upgrade to XP Pro and copy data from old drive) Currently there are some important files on the drive as well that will need to be recovered... I hope my repair didn't make things worse lol...

Thanks for any advice on this matter.

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If it was not repaired, you probably could have simply just used the last known good boot option. However, the repair has probably messed it up, and you're left with a reinstall as your option now.

I'd say boot that machine with an ERD disc, get the data off, and rebuild.

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