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Why IE only got scrollbar on right, and not left as well?


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English text reads from left to right. Unsurprisingly, much of the text or buttons and menus on webpages are to the left. So why is the scroll bar right across the other side of the screen? It's illogical. Why not on both sides?

It's tedious using a full size setup sliding right across the screen, but using a fingerpad on a laptop is a nightmare. It takes about 6 slides to get the cursor to the scrollbar - six more opportunities for accidental clicktaps, and off it goes elsewhere.

Do right to left languages have their scrollbar on the left?

Anybody heard of a tweak which will add a scrollbar to the left of the page?

Didn't know where to put this. IE does not appear in the forum group MSoft software products.

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Yes, left-to-right languages will give you a scrollbar on the left of the screen (text on the right to left). Not sure why this is the de-facto standard, but honestly it makes sense to have the mouse cursor/pointer AWAY from the text (it does take up screen real-estate) to scroll, rather than over it (which it would be, given it's right-to-left lean on most cursor patterns). Scroll wheels on mice and keyboards work great for this too, but that's probably not your question.

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