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Updating HIVESFT.INF to make DST changes?

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I'd like to make a permanent change to my WIN 2K PRO SP4 install disk for current

Daylight Savings Time updates as of May 21,2008 per KB914387 which lists the registry

settings. Since the setup hive doesn't contain any registry entries for DST, I found out

that the DST registry entries are in the following two files: HIVESFT.INF and WIN95UPG.INF.

Will I be able to upgrade these two files with the latest DST changes without breaking the

OS installation due to catalog MD5 checks etc complaining that the numbers don't match?

I'm not sure if these two INF files require catalog files during installation or not.

Can Nlite take a file named as the KB914837 update fix that I made up which contains these

registry changes and integrate them into the OS install disk? This may save editing the INF files

by hand.

As a last resort, I could do it the registry tweak way.

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I have made myself one.

Email me and I'll send it to you. It has other edits in it and I don't want to post it here lest others use it and have things go wrong.

IIRC you can make edits to HIVE files without the setup complaining.

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