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Possible Daylight Svgs Time error in SP3


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I was in the process of manually fixing the registry for my WIN 2K Pro SP4 using article KB914387 which states in the

technical reference section at the end of the webpage that MSoft updated the webpage on May 21,2008 to correct

Morroco, Pakistan and Iran entries for DST. The webpage also shows these registry changes.

However, KB942763 was the December DST changes for WIN XP. MSoft hasn't updated the technical reference

section or the registry changes as shown on this web page to account for Morroco, Pakistan and Iran. This

webpage hasn't been modified since March 2008. Moreover, the actual WinXP-KB942763-x86-enu.exe update file

for download hasn't been revised/corrected since April 2008.

Since Win XP SP3 came out during the first week of May, will SP3 get this DST fix included or is it to late to

correct this? Can someone verify that these three countries have been accounted for in the current SP3 update?

It sure would be nice to fix this before the final SP3 release so my first patch for another computer running

XP Pro wont have to be this small DST update patch. :whistle:

I came across this discrepancy since I was dumping my Win 2K Time Zone registry entries and diff'ng them

with the Win XP Pro dumps of the Time Zone entries to see if they are different. This allows me to do a

sanity check to see if just dumping the registry entries for XP Time Zone can then be used to load into the

Win 2K Pro registry saving me the hassle of locating and creating the file needed to update the registry for DST

on a Win 2K Pro machine. :blink:

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Here's Microsoft Support Response for those waiting.


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

I appreciate your patience in awaiting a reply from our side regarding your issue.

Please note that there will be no changes in the title for the following reasons:

The manual DST kb article (914387) is updated for DST changes which occur with a short lead time that Microsoft will not be providing hotfix packages for the immediate change (as is the case for Morocco, Pakistan, etc).

There will be another cumulative DST GDR package (July to DLC and Aug to WU) released which will contain the new changes for this year (Morocco, Pakistan, Chile, etc) which will be called the July 2008 cumulative DST update.

The only reason you are seeing an update to 942763 is because the XP package was re-released for only those users who have installed XP SP3 and had not been DST patched previously.

You will either need to make manual changes to your machines for the new time zone changes, else wait until we release the new DST cumulative package for 2008.

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TZ Registry Errors in KB914387

Hmmm, I thought MSoft would use their TZedit program, dump, and cut n paste

the contents to KB914387 webpage instead of hand jamming.

Anyways, MSoft on June 2 updated the various registry entries in KB914387 for

numerous errors that I was just about to send. They included "xml" tags in the

registry data, TZI fields for Morroco, pakistan that didn't have commas "," between

the data entries. They also put the countries in alphabetic order although I don't think

this matters. Here are some more bugs that I've noticed.

The following is a summary of the kinds of bugs in the TZ registry. Although only

one kind of bug type is shown, there are multiple entries for countries that also

have them too.

a). The order of the registry entry is wrong and the data field entry is missing i.e. MONTEVIDEO


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Montevideo Standard Time]



"Std"="Montevideo Standard Time"

"Dlt"="Montevideo Daylight Time"

"Display"="(GMT-03:00) Montevideo"



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Montevideo Standard Time]

"Display"="(GMT-03:00) Montevideo"

"Std"="Montevideo Standard Time"

"Dlt"="Montevideo Daylight Time"




MISSING FIELDS and a field that is sometimes reversed too.

"MapID"="......" MISSING

Dlt and Std field for some countries are Reversed. I'd think Std should always come before Dst.

b ). The newest fix is for Morroco (Pakistan too) which had commas missing, but it still wrong since it missing

the field "Index" and "MapID". Note: that Dlt and Std are reversed as mentioned above.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Morocco Standard Time]

"Display"="(GMT) Casablanca"

"Dlt"="Morocco Daylight Time"

"Std"="Morocco Standard Time"



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