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WDS Name and Approve -> access is denied

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I have set up my WDS service to ask for the Administrator to approve the installation in case the GUID is uknown to directory services. When I open the Windows Deployment Services snap-in and go to the Pending Devices section to approve new installation, I get Access is Denied everytime I either choose to Approve or Name and Approve the client. Event Viewer logs ID 524 everytime I get that Access is Denied on the WDS server.

Microsoft has a rather well detailed article about this:

Event ID 524 — Active Directory Integration

My problem is that even after following the instructions outlined in this document, I'm getting that Access is Denied dialog when approving (or Name and Approve)

I have created security group to our AD with the computer account WDS is running on and delegated Full permissions for this group against the OU where computer accounts are to be created. I've also tried rebooting the WDS server, waiting couple of hours just in case if the DC's would've not yet replicated.. but at this point I'm clueless.

RIS used to work in the way that CIW used the credentials of the logged in user to create the computer object, but in case of WDS (according to Microsoft) the comptuter account running the WDS service needs to have permissions on the destined OU. Btw. when I use the WDS snap-in, I'm logged in with my Domain Admin account.

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