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Getting the "Detected unfinished nLite operation"

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Ok, this started in nLite 1.4.x. I probably did choose a prior source the first time this happened, but I have since...

  • Changed the name of the source (but not the source)--no luck
  • Used a new source--no luck
  • Changed nLite (1.4.x to 1.4.5 Final)--still no change
  • Deleted several nLite .ini files (figure nLite would recreate them but they would be "virgin"...and it did)--still no change
  • Did a remove of nLite (did not remove 1.4.x to install 1.4.5 final the first time), and did reboot (sure somebody would ask) then installed 1.4.5 final--still no change

I did not go through the registry and remove all the nLite entry...I dont like using the hack and slash method to registry editing. Where does nLite keep it "memory" of past attempts. I thought it might be in the nlite.ini file (which does keep the past paths) but deleting that did not change anything.

I am using an XP SP3-ed source via HFslip 1.7.6rc7.

If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know.


I feel that unless there is a reason beyond it not being a "best practice" the option to use prior sources should be an option, warn us, sure, but let us go ahead if we want to try it.

Thanks everyone.


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