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Share internet connection?


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In my company some of computers have internet access and others no.All computers is in the lan connections.Also all computers have windows xp.

I like to ask if is posible to my friend who have internet access via proxi server share his connections to me and how we can set it up? :unsure:

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How does the network get internet? In my experience with ADSL, that the whole network automatically shares the net. If you have dial-up on individual machines then that's different, but I'm not sure how well sharing a dial-up connection would work (its so painfully slow with just one PC connected!) From memory its pretty easy to share internet with other PCs in the same Workgroup (and on the same LAN) just using XP - no proxy required.

[edit] Sorry I didn't read your question properly, I'm not 100% sure how you can share internet with someone who connects through a proxy, but I'm sure it can be done! I think you should be able to do it through XP.

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