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SBS2003 - ever-decreasing disk space


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Hi all,

I have a HP Proliant server running SBS 2003 R2. I've noticed that space on the hard disk (it's a RAID 1 config) keeps getting smaller. Obviously that's meant to happen if I'm using the space, but i periodically check the size of the mapped drive and it keeps getting smaller... no less than 4-5GB in the last two weeks.

It dropped 700mb this morning alone without anything to explain it. A couple of files have been saved totalling about 500kb. but that's it. It's a fairly new set-up. Email is still running by POP on client PCs, so this is only a file sharing (and an application database) tool at present. The application database isn't growing as it's not yet been implemented for use.

I have 200gb remaining, but it wont last long if it keeps dropping like this!

Any ideas? :wacko:

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Is the backup or shadow copy eating your HDD space?

That's exactly what it is! The server is configured 9by default, it seems) to use 10% of my volume for previous folder versions. It's been creating two copies a day (0700 and 1200) since I started using the server. It's very new, the shadow copy would keep chomping up space until it reached 10%... which it hadn't, which is why it kept dropping.

Excellent stuff. Thank you :thumbup

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