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laptop internal network device conflict


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Not 100% sure this is the best place for this problem, but it is a start.

Laptop was fine, powered down, put in my satchel, went to school, came home, turned on and I get an error when booting. If in BIOS I disable my internal wireless it boots fine. I've tried disabling my wired connection (never use it with the laptop) but unless I disable the wireless I have the error.



Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller in slot 01, Bus:02, Device:02, Function:00

Press <F1> to enter setup.

the laptop is an IBM/Lenovo x40. I have removed the battery, the hard drive. Anyone know if the wireless care is removeable or soldered to the mobo like my fraking cpu is?

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you have an IRQ conflict, back in ye old days IRQs had to be manually assigned to each device. If you look around in the bios try to find an option that says something like "Automatically assign IRQS" and make sure it is set to do so.

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All interupts changed from 11 to autoselect. Reenabled wireless and got this screen.




Changed interupts back to auto and disabled wireless and it booted fine.

Also notice the error for the wireless changed, this normally appears but flashes for a second before going to the first screen I posted, so I've never been able to take a picture of it.

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A friend of mine's wife had an X40 laptop for work and it died. Before IT trashed it he gutted it and gave me the internal wireless card. I went to install it today and decided not to since it requires totally taking the thing apart to get at the antennas. I had gotten as far as opening the access panel to get at the card when I realized how much I was going to have to do for it. So I pushed the old card in and closed it back up. Decided to enable it in BIOS again and everything booted up fine, it is connecting to the net flawlessly.

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