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question - use wget on rmt comp from ssh session?


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Home connection is dial up (old amd 500 mhz system) running xp pro and the sourceforge package setupssh.exe which runs the sshd service on both computers.

The other computer is on dsl running xp-pro with linksys router (wireless also but comp are hardwired ethernet).

I take note of the ip address on the target computer and after making my dialup connection logon via ssh to the target computer. The intended purpose was to use the target computer to download iso's and other large files and then I would go over there to burn the cd's. The problem is the terminal session hangs when I start the wget command. I noticed it did the same thing with command line vim.

I am guessing this is not supported but next thing I will try is setting up a batch file of wget


I gave up on this configuration - and decided to try cygwin with all the needed applications,

sshd, vim, wget, curl, bash approx 37 MB. On the target computer I have zonealarm

so it was part of the problem but doesnt explain vim hanging. I am using putty on my

home machine which is working. I noticed that the vendor verizon puts only a single

ip address on the dsl so if I decide to run another sshd server on another internal machine

will have to setup different port address.

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