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Lost Faxing Feature after Vista SP1 Install


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Quick history; I was running XP which did have Windows Faxing capabilities. I then upgraded to Vista Home Premium 64 bit and came to realize ONLY Vista Ultimate had Windows Fax and Scan. I then purchased a U.S. Robotics 56K External Faxmodem USB (model 5633B) along with the free software of Classic Phone Tools. Worked great.

NOW, after downloading and installing Vista’ SP1 Update (story for another day) it messed up my faxing. Got it working BUT, did lose one feature. I lost the “printer” feature known as “Capture Fax BVRP”. You know, where I could just simply print any document or photo for that matter and choose “Capture Fax BVRP” as my printer and my Classic Phone Tools would open up and I could fax this document/photo. The Capture Fax BVRP is still there as a printer selection but, when I use it; a box comes up and seems to process it and then nothing happens. My Classic Phone Tools does not open and when I manually open the Classic Phone Tools there is nothing there to fax. A printer icon does appear on my bottom toolbar but, it is empty.

Any suggestions on getting this particular feature back? Thanks.

Driver and software taken from here:


Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64 bit-O.S.

I.E. 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Gateway FX510S

Intel® Pentium® D 950 CPU 3.40GHz

800 MHz FSB, 2x2MB cache non-HT EM64T

Intel (Watsonville 2) 975x Motherboard

BIOS WT97510J.15A.2039.2006.0825.0358

600-Watt power supply

4.0 GB RAM

NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS Graphics Card

U.S. Robotics External USB 56K Fax Modem Model 5633B

U.S. Robotics BVRP Phone Tools Faxing Software

Classic Phone Tools (about)

Multimedia Software Version 9.03

Windows Vista Home Premium (6.00.6001)

Service Pack 1

Pentium Mode

Ram Memory 0MB

Memory Used 0%

U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem USB (1/1)

Modem Management Enabled

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Unfortunately none of our programs are Windows 64 bit compatible at this time.


Alright; no big deal. I just can’t fax say a multiple page PDF file by simply clicking on print and select “Capture Fax BVRP” as my printer. The new free BVRP Phone Tools DOES work with my 64 bit O.S. I can still fax any document but, must “save as” the individual PFD file pages in .jpg images and they will fax just fine individually. Any word document I must save as .rtf (Rich Text Format) and that will fax just fine.

Bottom line, SP1 has been successfully installed and everything is working. Maybe a little differently, but IS working………

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I seem to remember a mention @ support site of some major entity... that Fax issues would occur with either update to Vista and/or individual Vista updates... to the point where Fax might not work at all / require installing additional utility from them.

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