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Vista hangs on 1st run


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Hy guys!

I'm quoting this sentence out of the tuorial thread:

NOTE: Dont select any other option such as integration, components, tweaks etc when slip-streaming service pack

Execuse me for that question, but i cant understand this sentence!

I CANNOT delete integrated functions like Media Center, Paint oder SuperFetch/PreFetch?

I did delete those functions, now Vistaa wont run!

It hangs before Vista strats the 1st time!

Theres a screen, where "The service pack is installing! Part 3 of 3! 100% complete!

Please do not turn off the computer"!

Then my computer reboots, the same screen appears! And this process goes on and on and on.. :wacko:

Is there a hint, a solution for my problem?

I DO wat to run Vista with SP1 and a personally installation! :blushing:

Best regards,


(sorry for my english.. :whistle: )

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If you first ONLY slipstream SP1, make the iso, then personalize that image. In other words, this needs to be done in 2 steps. This is how I understand it work, but someone else can maybe confirm this.


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