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mmm... some how with my very very bad initial interview, i got to go to Microsoft for an interview to enter MSP... but nt quite confident abt it... zzz... i am more of the quiet kind so bad at interviews and presentations...

any1 is a MSP? whats the interview abt... have a rough idea whats it tho...

anyway i need a recent technology to talk abt, i was thinking XNA cos i like games but guess thats not a technology... then what abt silverlight? mmm ... maybe i don't need a microsoft technology? then what other tech is out recently? Adobe Spry? guess Microsoft wont be too happy... ?

and whats Group Dynamics Play ?

any advice?

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Calm down man :) Just gotta be your self and be cool. You just gotta look on the bright side you know what I mean? Dont be scared, dont even think anything about it, just do it!, be your self and be cool!

I prolly did not help, but thats my advice :)

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I went through ten interviews this fall for co-op jobs at different companies so I've pretty much gone through what you're going through right now.


1. Calm down.

2. BE YOURSELF! Don't try to be someone you aren't.

3. Know what the job/position entails before going to the interview. This is good information to have in case they ask you why you want the job/position.

3. Jot a few points down on a piece of paper that you'd like to bring up during the interview - questions, general information, ANYTHING - just make sure you don't bring in the sheet with you; try to memorize it.

4. You're always going to end up shaking someone's hand in the interview. If you're like me and have sweaty hands when you're nervous, make sure you DRY THEM before you shake the person's hand; no one likes sweaty hands. Wipe 'em on your pants or put some tissue paper in your pocket and wipe them on that before you shake.

5. Don't make stuff up - no one likes a liar!

6. If they ask you a question you really don't know the right answer for, ask them if you could answer it at the end. If, on the other hand, you have a general idea of the answer they're looking for, try and answer the question to the best of your knowledge. This will show them your thought process and your ability to analyze different problems.

Good luck! :D

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Remember one thing - interviews (if they're being done well) should be about determining how you think, troubleshoot, sort logic, etc., not on what you know. You may not have the experience or the exposure to the technologies to know the answers, and interviewers do know this and as such a lot of interview questions are not looking to see if you know the answer, but how you sort through getting to one. Don't be afraid to be wrong, but try not to say "I don't know" and leave it at that - always try to come up with an answer (this should denote some mental horsepower), and if you get the question right or close to it, that's just a bonus.

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