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Corrupted DVDs

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Edit: Solved. It still copies 100% in a second, but the expanding part takes much longer, like 10 minutes or so, this is why I thought it was currupted, but everything works fine afterwards.

Not sure why, but I keep making currupted DVDs. They're currupted because they don't install Vista. I get stopped at the copying files/expanding section. First it'll go from 0 to 100% copying files in 1 second, then it'll just stay at 0% expanding forever until I restart the computer.

This doesn't happen when I make a backup DVD of my original Vista DVD so it's not my DVD-Rom, and it doesn't happen when I make a bootable USB to install Vistalite from. Also this happens with any Vista lite, sp1, non-sp1, not removing features, etc.

What's going on? I've burnt a sixflags worth of coasters already.

Another sign the DVD is corrupted is in the first screen that says "windows is loading files..."; the white progress bar is usually white over a gray bar, but the corrupted DVD shows a progress bar that's white over a black bar. Very strange, I've included a picture.


Thanks for any help.

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