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Dual Boot CD... Win98 and WinPE 2.0... DONE!


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Hi guys,

I was looking at the directions and it seems like a lot of work for what I need to do and was wondering if anyone knew of a tool or eay way to get a dual boot between a win98 boot floppy and WinPE 2.0? I have a couple utilites that need to be on the same CD and one will not run in a windows environment.

Basically what I need is a bootable cd that can list a choice between win98 and winpe.

I looked at the Multi-boot DVD Guide and found it quite confusing as I don't need to install an OS just make a dual boot cd.


Intsructions below...

Since I was not creating an OS install and only wanted to run some tools I did a little combining of the two guides I found.

Here is what I did and thanks to all for your guides, while somewhat confusing I was able to use a couple of guides and build what I needed.

I combined Tutorial Graphical Bootmenu along with How to Multi-boot DVD Guide... to get what I needed.

I will see if I can explain it in my terms to make it as easy as possible.

For what I wanted to do... run either boot floppy or bootable ISO files for a multiboot CD\DVD here is what I did.

Using an attached HDD structure as follows (I used the example structure for easy of use)


You need CDImage and CDShell (download the shell source code) no one mentions this.

Then you need a tool that can create boot images for floppy like WinImage or you can also use a cd recording software to make a bootable CD and create an ISO from it. Your choice I used a couple of tools as there are many out there like magic ISO for one.

Place cdimage.exe on the root of the HDD that you are going ot build from, easiest way.

Unzip CDShell onto the root of your devlopment HDD as above mine was E: now my structure looks like this:







Copy or move the contents of E:\cdshell\*.* to E:\AIO-DVD\ also create a folder called IMG under E:\AIO-DVD\BOOT\ (I preferred to copy so that I have the originals still and you really only need the boot and licenses folders.)

Follow the Tutorial Graphical Bootmenu for creating your graphical interface and edit the cdshell.ini as suggested.

Here is my cdshell.ini ... real simple my Tools.ISO is a win98 boot that has some DOS tools in it and the Migration.ISO is self explanatory WinPE 2.0 boot, our migration tool for my company.

show image graphics\main.csi


if $lastKey == key[F1]; then diskemu img\Tools.iso

if $lastKey == key[F2]; then diskemu img\Migration.iso

if $lastKey == key[ESC]; then REBOOT COLD

I built two .CSI files using the Graphical Tutorial a main and a splash for the splash I only used a black screen to appear part of the boot cycle.

Finally copy your ISO files into the DVD\Boot\IMG directory. It should look as follows




E:\AIO-DVD\Boot\graphics ... this is where the updated .CSI files will be located

E:\AIO-DVD\Boot\img ... this is where your ISO files will be located





Picture attached.. I think :unsure:

Finally you need to run cdimage.exe and create the ISO that you can burn to a CD or DVD. Incidentally you could use this to run OS installs if you had some ISO files created. Here is the switch that I used. note: -l is for label, -t is for timestamp if you wish, -b is the location of the boot loader, -h is to include hidden files, -n is to allow long file names, -o if for optimzation believe it or not but even just using ISOs and a small file of only 200mb I still was able to remove 3 files, -m ignores 681,984,000 file limit in case you need a DVD which I always use to be consistant.

E:\>cdimage.exe -lUtilities -t04/01/2008,17:45:00 -b\aio-dvd\boot\loader.bin -h -n -o -m \aio-dvd e:\tools.iso

Thanks again to everyone for all your help in the past / future and I hope this was helpful in helping some of the in-experienced at setting up a multi-boot sytem using ISO files.



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I am working on Dual boot between WinPE 2.0 and FreeDOS booting from CD-ROM. I am trying to follow steps mentioned, Could you let me know any link or URL on how to modify .csi files?


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I am working on Dual boot between WinPE 2.0 and FreeDOS booting from CD-ROM. I am trying to follow steps mentioned, Could you let me know any link or URL on how to modify .csi files?


these are just the special image file format that the cdshell uses...go to the cdshell docs (do a little google) and there is a bitmap converter...

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