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Using Recovery CD


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Okay, sorry if this sounds dumb... big fan of NLite! Kudos to that...

I've got an HP Laptop and I've got the 64bit version of Home Premium installed on it. I'd like to "slim" down the installation and I have an HP "System Recovery DVD" that has "WIM" files in it... I don't want all the bloatware and unnecessary stuff.

Is there a way I can use VLite to make a scaled down version? I don't necessarily want to revert back to XP on this notebook because I use it for business and part of my business is selling wireless internet through Verizon Wireless to customers... I need to be able to show the customer (IN VISTA) that it works and I get 1.5 MB Down and up)... but I'd also like to use the PC to a few other things and get rid of the excess baggage.

So, is there any way I can use this Recovery DVD to build a Vlite DVD? BTW, Part number is 443699-001

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Depends what kind of files are those WIMs, are you sure that they are now SWM files?

Can you post file names and locations in the dvd of the biggest files and similar small ones to them.

For exmple if there is HP.SWM, HP2.SWM...

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File folder has the following Folders and the main sub:






preload folder has the largest files:

BASE2.WIM (726,343)

BASE3.WIM (2,950,568)

BASE4.WIM (28,927)


BASE.WIM (2,090,135)

This disk was sent to us AFTER the purchase and we used it to upgrade from Home Premium 32bit to Home Premium 64bit (With a LOT of bloatware, but less than the original). Would love to have a boot without all the extra.


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Move all those BASE files to SOURCES folder.

And rename accordingly:





Then browse with vLite to the root and it will popup to merge CDs. It can get tricky since it was not made for such acrobatic operations but it should be possible. Let me know how it goes.

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So I don't go through this and sound like and id*** in the end, I'm using Vlite on an XP machine since my laptop does not have the right DVD burning capabilities.

Before I move on, do I need to do what you described above on the Vista machine? Or can I do it on my XP machine that has the proper DVD burner and HDD space?

Next, if I understand what you said earlier, I was supposed to:

1) Copy the WIM files to a FOLDER

2) Rename WIM files accordingly

Where I got lost is the "SOURCE" folder... this is where I'm thinking you may mean on VISTA (Laptop is at work with partner for another 1 1/2 hours before I can find out if there is a "SOURCE" folder there...

Or did you mean (as I tried) copy the SOURCE folder off the DVD image and then put those files in that folder... if you did, I did that and it didn't work, came up with an error:

"Can not find the expected files. Make sure you select the folder on the drive which contains the Vista installation files, usually on the installation DVD. Note: you can not use the already installed Windows like C:\Windows"

The source folder only contains a file called "boot.wim" and I did try to rename it "boot.swm"

Maybe I'm missing something?

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Copy the whole DVD into some new folder.

Then inside it there are

BASE and SOURCES subfolders.

Now read my previous message.

After that browse with vLite to the root, to the new folder into which you copied this DVD in the first place.

Do not edit the boot.wim, it is required to be as it is.

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Okay, did as instructed:

Copied whole DVD to HDD Folder called "VISTA64 Premium"

Renamed "WIM" files to Install, Install2, Install3 and Install4 all ending ins SWM

MOVED SWM files to SOURCE folder

Ran VLite (Both version 1.1.1 and 1.1.6) Browsed to "VISTA64 Premium" folder

VLite comes back with "NO IMAGE DETECTED" which is different than before.

I read elsewhere in the forum of similar situation, but they claimed that the images are encrypted (but provided no link or proof of this).

Am I S.O.L. or doing something wrong?

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Oh, could be.

Even though I am not familiar with any kind of encrypting.

You did ok, nothing more we can do until someone finds the solution or I get my hands on those images.

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