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I can't put some files into a directory :(

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I have a problem:

I save all my Firefox configuration (the Mozilla folder) in a silent self-extracting winrar archive (and making it a .cab to integrate it with nLite) and I set as destination: "D:\Documents and Settings\Giulio\Application Data"

Giulio is the name of the Windows Xp user and Venos is the name of the Pc.

The problem is that the user folder "Giulio" gets created when loggin in the first time but Windows Xp installs all the .cab file I've integrated with nLite BEFORE loggin in, so after the installation of Xp i have 2 folders: the first is "D:\Documents and Settings\Giulio" where there is the Firefox settings, and then the 2nd one: "D:\Documents and Settings\Giulio.VENOS" created by Windows because "D:\Documents and Settings\Giulio" already exists!

I would like to have only 1 folder ("D:\Documents and Settings\Giulio"): is there a way to make it?

I've described it the best i could, i hope you got what I mean :)

Thank guys!

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