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VBS + interact with Desktop + Service

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Hi there,

is it possible to activate the box that the service interacts with the desktop with a script?

Problem is that I have to run an application as service where I until now found only one tool to do that: http://www.pirmasoft.com/runassvc.php

The tool works fine but I have to change a lot of settings in the service later. Or if u know other good freeware tools which I can also set up via cmd, please tell me

Best Regards


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I think you're going to have to provide us with a lot more information than that!

This kind of request requires full detail; exactly what are you doing? how are you doing it? with what are you doing it? and what exactly is it that you need to change in your current method?

Only with these details are we likely going to be able to provide you with anything resembling useful information.

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