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Outloo 2003 Contacts List problems


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I am experiencing recurring problems with Outlook 2003's very-broken contacts list. Here's one:

I move a users "personal folder file" from their old computer to their new one. On the new one, I add it using "Data File Management", set it as the default mail delivery location, restart Outlook so that it can adjust the location for the default calendar and default contacts list. Finally, I remove the created-by-default PST file because it's empty and will never be used.

If I click "Contacts" at the bottom right of the main window, I see the contacts list in the users PST file. All their contacts are there.

... but if they write a message and try to use the "address book" to select a recipient, there are no contacts?? WTF?

Also, any searches for contacts automatically return nothing - even if you're searching for a contact that you know is in the list. You can see it in the list, but you can't search for it.

This is REALLY annoying. Can anyone help?

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LOL .... That setting's been there for ages. If I'm not mistaken since OL97. Very obscure. ;) LOL

Feedback is vital, mate! We need the feedback. Please leave feedback for ppl who've answered your questions w/o them having to ask for it. :)

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