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WinPE 2005 RAM Boot not recognizing SATA


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Hi guys,

Not such a newbie but just got this shoved into my lap.

I have to create an image for Win2k (I know it's old) becasue of that I can not use WinPE 2.0.

Does anyone know how to get WinPE RAM Disk to recognize SATA drivers?

Everything that I did for my bootable CD is not working, I tried editing the txtsetup.xif the same way I did for the CD boot but know way will it work. Is that an issue with trying to create a ram disk.

I'm very frustrated because I can get it to run on a CD everytime and using the exact same entries it fails on a ramdisk ISO???? !!!!! ????

Anone know what gives? Can you not recognize SATA on a ramdisk ISO?

Thanks for the help if you have any ideas.


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