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i got

Host system reported disk full. VM execution is suspended. You can resume after freeing some space.

Severity: Warning

when i have allocated 50GB to by virtual machine used only abt 2GB i think, and my "real" computer drive has 165GB more of free space?

by the way, host system means? my real computer or the virtual machine?

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The host is your physical machine, it hosts your virtual machine. You state that you have 165 GB of free disk space available, your virtual machine reserves 50 GB, so you must indeed have sufficient free disk space. But you don't state how your hard disk is partitioned, so is there enough free disk space on the partition on which your temporary files and virtual hard disk resides? Delete all temporary files on your computer. Scan your hard disk for errors. Scan your system for virusses and spyware. Defragment your hard disk. Are you using the latest version of VirtualBox?

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i have in my host machine

C: 517MB of free space > i guess this is the problem? it needs temporary space in C:?

D: 166GB of free space > .vdi files here

E: 59GB free space

Yes, that is your problem. You most likely have your temporary folders on your C-drive. Either change your %TEMP% environment variable to point at another drive, clean up your C-drive, or repartition your drive to make your C-drive larger.

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