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Office 2007 OEM Unattended Install - no key

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Hello all!

Noob here to unattended installs. I've done a whole bunch of reading on your forums on unattended installs, but haven't been able to locate the proper way to do an unattended install of Office 2007 OEM but NOT enter a key. I want to be able to push out the copy of Office 2007 OEM, and enter the key the first time you open Office followed by an activation.

I understand that using Option B (below) enables unattended install of Office 2007 OEM... however, you have it setup so that you enter a key. If I leave the Key area blank in the XML file, will it install successfully without the key, prompting me to enter it the first time it is opened?

Thanks in advance,


Option B:

1. Go to the folder-path, "Office2007\Pro.WW" (or any ??????.WW folder for other editions such as standard/enterprise/etc)

2. Modify "config.xml", or copy it to somewhere else & modify it, using my posted code below as a sample.

3. If you modified it "in location", then setup will take up the changes automatically.

4. Otherwise, place the modified file in the same folder of setup.exe, as custom-uA.XML

5. This is the command to run setup with the customizations specified in custom-uA.XML: setup.exe /config custom-uA.XML

7. This method is also a great way to make changes to the defaults itself, so that you dont need to keep changing it upon every new time you install it. The sample XML here, makes setup fully silent, cuts down features rarely used by me, and reduces install footprint of Office 2007 Professional from 721 MB, to 303 MB (of course you can always add/remove components later); I've also removed lines that I found useless from it, you might like to keep many of the default lines & customize them. Also, be aware that the XML offers a way to chain updates & install them before or after o2k7 setup, but then you'll lose control over reboot parameters. By default, o2k7 setup wont cause an auto-reboot, so no need of "/noreboot" or "Reboot=ReallySuppress" properties. I intend this XML to be used for clean installs, with no previous version settings or profiles to be migrated. Use "start /wait" for silent installs. This file is for the main suite, you can modify it accordingly for the other component products, the options are commented with double-slashes. I obtained the OptionIds from setup.xml files, in each component folder.

If you downloaded a single SETUP.EXE (500-MB?) from MSDN, then you might need to extract it to some folder, to get the installation source.CODEsetup.exe /extract:D:\o2k7

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