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Compares Performances WINXP SP2 vs. WINXP SP3


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I believe there is alot of questions all about OS ServicePacks -> what/why/how .... the DIFFERENCES on newer/older service packs.

I test ... test again ... check ... benchmark .... confirm ... get result ... right/wrong .... TIRED!!!

Well, i should go back to SP2 when the stupid SP3 still BETA (alot of hotfixes in SP3 for general uses that i don't need them)


1. makes my RAM works harder to MEMORY it.

2. makes my old hardwares time to UPGRADE.

3. oh NOOOOO! hard drives are dying ... "cause of testing, reinstall OS, Virtual PC (also makes your HDD shorter life)

4. My PC running slower, even worse (benchmark result ...ect)

.... ah! now you ask me what should I do??? ... I decide, i mean my final decision: [read my post then give me a kiss if im right]

Integrate my XP with SP2, find the latest hotfixes for SP2 (which needed) integrate together with nLite (nlite is my fav thog)

I named it: WINXP_SP2+ and save my OS project ... waiting for the newer hotfix (again, when needed) then update/integrate with nLite (I always use nLite to integrate all Hotfixes b'cause nlite will let me know when the hotfix right or wrong for my current XPSP2+ Project. nLite also integrate over the older hotfix. When nLite found the older hotfix (or useless in my current OS's project) nLite tells me "wrong hotfix for your OS or hotfix that you don't need". IMPRESSED!

BTW, goodthing to know about integrate newer hotfixes into your OS CD rather than update Service Pack 3 (BETA)....

usually newer hotfixes are OUT/RELEASED (it already final and stable) sometimes it needs to replace older hotfix.

Finally, stay with your OS which is already stable when your computer hardwares doesn't need to be UPGRADE ... sometimes update/upgrade is not a good idea. Ofcourse, you're right!!! updates is good ... good to learn, good for Microsoft. They need us to tell them what they doing right or wrong. That's why we call BETA & FINAL. LoL!!! may be FINAL of FINAL (because Final still BUGS)

Please share your experiences with MSFN ... have a nice day! :hello:

PS: Most of IT guys are talking to much and make no sense, like me or alot of them out there looking at my POST and laughing...

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What? You would eschew privates that are service-pack only, or not integrate the latest service pack (but you would integrate a previous service pack)? Or are you just complaining about the SP3 beta, and will integrate and upgrade to SP3 when it is released?

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midi2k6: I don't know what your issue with SP3 is. I have SP3 beta 3282 installed on my machine. It does not run slower (in fact, the desktop responds just a tad faster) my ram usage has stayed the same, the system benchmarks the same. SP3 is just a collection of updates and hotfixes since SP2 came out, plus two extra features, one of which is black hole router detection. If you are worried about hard drive life, stop using a pc altogether. Equipment gets old and fails. PERIOD.

Learn to integrate hot fixes without nLite. After all, nLite is 3rd party software and is not without it's flaws.

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