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windows XP sp3 and media center


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I have tried to intergrate SP3 into Windows Media Center.

In the beginning nlite informs me that the version of windows is “Windows XP Professional (Media Center v3.0), SP2”. After installing SP3 it informs me that the version now is “Windows XP Professional (Media Center v2.8), SP3”.

When I try to install this version, windows asks for ehiEPG.dll, ehituner.dll… and some other files which are not present in MEDIACTR.CAB. So I skip these files. Windows are installed almost normally but not media center :no: ….

Any ideas? :blink:

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Just been having the same issues, slipstreaming the released SP3 onto MCE (all flipping day) :realmad:

After giving up I found a fix in this Technet Thread.

I also covers the question of Rollup 2 - i.e. is it still needed after SP3 - Appears it is :blink:

Will be testing it in the morning :wacko:

Here's the relevant portions of the thread (thanks to mtnwolf63 at Technet)

1. Integrate SP3. DON'T integrate Dotnet 1.1, Update Rollup 2, Internet Explorer 7 or Media Player 11.

2. If you use nLite, add KBD106.DLL and KBDJPN.DLL to Components->Advanced->Keep Box

(to prevent that annoying 'unknown device' in the device list caused by the Media Center remote control).

3. When the integration process completes, STOP. Don't burn it yet.

4. Obtain MEDCTROC.IN_ from i386 on your original install media (MCE2005 CD1), it should be 29KB.

Copy it to i386 on the MCE2005 CD you are creating. Confirm replacement of the existing 11KB file.

5. While your at it, edit WINNT.SIF with notepad (it's in i386).

Under [Components] add two lines, Medctr=On and Netfx=On, then save and exit notepad.

6. If desired, add the installers for Dotnet1.1sp1, Update Rollup 2, Internet explorer 7 and Media Player 10.

7. Burn the new compilation, put it in the computer where you're installing MCE2005 and boot it.

8. After installation completes, install the following:

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB867460)

Windows Media Player 10 (Rollup 2 wouldn't work without it)

Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB900325)

Internet Explorer 7 (Guide wouldn't work without it)

Media Player 11 (optional)

When you integrate SP3 you get:

Product name: Windows XP Professional (Media Center v2.8)

Service Pack: 3

Version: 5.1.2600.5512

Then when you replace the "medctroc.in_" file (in i386 size 11kb) with the one from the SP2 cd (size 29kb) you get this:

Product name: Windows XP Professional (Media Center v3.0)

Service Pack: 3

Version: 5.1.2600.5512

Apparently upgrading to SP3 somehow downgrades Media Center?

Under SP2 it's v3.0, the after SP3 it's v2.8. Replacing that one file from the SP2 CD "medctroc.in_" returns Media Center to v3.0.

There's is an error produced akong the way, but there's a fix for that too;
I found the cause of the missing DBGENG.DLL error. This file is in the i386 folder of every Windows XP CD that I examined, and the file is listed in TXTSETUP.SIF as well. Apparently it was removed by nLite, possibly when I removed some component of Windows. You can probably prevent this from happening by putting DBGENG.DLL in the "Keep Box" but I haven't tried that yet. If you use nLite, look in i386 in the resulting compilation for DBGENG.DLL. If it's not there, copy it from your original install CD. Also, open TXTSETUP.SIF in the new compilation and search for DBGENG.DLL. If it's not listed, open the TXTSETUP.SIF from your original install CD, copy the entry for DBGENG.DLL, then paste that entry into the TXTSETUP.SIF in the new compilation. Be sure to paste it in the [sourceDisksFiles] section.

A correct entry for DBGENG.DLL in TXTSETUP.SIF looks like this:

dbgeng.dll = 1,,,,,,_x,2,0,0,,1,2

Save the edited TXTSETUP.SIF, and burn the new compilation to CD or DVD.

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