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Unattended Dell OEM Vista ...what settings?


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Just simply like to know what settings to use in vLite RC1 for a Dell OEM.

The settings that will keep it unattended just like it already was. I do not have any serial on sticker or in the paperwork I've got and I understand that the keys on the Vista disks are ecrypted...

Is there a way to set it up bootable and unattended where I don't get asked for a key?

I've tried it a couple times wasting a couple dvd's and done as much Googling and searchign for the answer as I care to do so I'm asking for help.

Thank you

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You need to copy the following from your original dell oem disc:


then Vista will be activated automatically when installed on to a Dell machine. :)

They're the only files you need for activation, I wrote a little more info on the rest in this poorly titled topic.

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